Icarus Marathon Challenge

November 13th - November 18th


Snyder Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL --- USA

Are you ready for the Icarus Marathon Challenge?

Six Days, Six Marathons

Fast, Flat, Mostly Shaded (70%) 1.0408km Paved Course

USATF and IAAF Certified, Boston Qualifier*

(If enough runners finish that day to meet the Boston qualifying requirements)

And Icarus infamous gourmet aid station -- including the famous Icarus Smoothies

Come run among a field of diverse elite international athletes competing in many of the Icarus Ultrafest races and find out if you have what it takes to run six marathons in six days.

Sign up for just one race or all six.

Awards through third place for each marathon and a special award for the overall winner (best cumulative time over the six marathons). 

Ready for the challenge?

Here are a few things to know --

To complete a Marathon an athlete will have to run 41 complete loops, a total of 42.6728km*

Disclaimer: a marathon distance is 42.195km --- the Icarus marathons are 0.4778km longer.

See the Course page for more details. 

Priority will be offered to the athletes signing up for all 6 marathons.  

In order to offer an elite international event, we ask that you read, and abide by the following rules: 

2017 - Icarus Marathon Challenge



ALL athletes competing with the intent to break records where results have to be certified are REQUIRED to notify the Race Directors prior to the start of the competition as they will be REQUIRED to follow the USATF, IAAF and IAU rules. Anti-Doping testing will be ADMINISTERED at the completion of the race.

For the USA Track & Field competition rules visit the official site: USATF Competition Rules

For the IAAF competition rules visit the official site: IAAF Competion Rules

For the World Anti-Doping Agency rules and prohibited substances visit the official site: WADA Prohibited List etition Rules

All other athletes will be required to follow the general Icarus Marathon Challenge race rules listed below and to exercise common sense.

  • All athletes are required to be registered for the race, fee paid, waiver signed before the start of the race
  • All athletes are required to attend the pre-race meeting or briefing depending on their respective races
  • A pre-race meeting will take place 30 minutes prior to the official listed time for each race. Attendance is MANDATORY for all athletes
  • All athletes will have to be checked in 15 minutes prior to the start of each race
  • Each marathon race starts promptly at 10:00 am each day and end at 8:00 pm. Total time to complete the marathon: 10 hours
  • Any athlete arriving late for the start, may still run ONLY at the discretion of the race director (in cases of special circumstances - traffic, or other general problems are NOT considered special circumstances), however no “extra time” will be given for the missed time. Each marathon will end exactly at the announced time 8:00 pm
  • Athletes will change direction at 3:00 pm each day. The process will be explained by MCM Timing & Results Representative prior to the start of each marathon race
  • Bib numbers and timing chips will be handed out at the pre-race meeting every day
  • Bib numbers/Race numbers must be worn at all times in front of the body and be visible. Race officials might stop any runner not in compliance until the problem is corrected
  • Athletes leaving the track to receive aid, use the restrooms do not need to inform the course officials, however they MUST leave and return to the track on the same place.
  • Marathon running athletes are not allowed to be more than 100 meters from the course at any time during the marathon (the athletes are required to stay on the course until the end of their race - exceptions are using restrooms, resting at personal aid stations, using the medical or rest tents).
  • Any athlete may leave the race prior to the official end time only after race officials have been notified and the timing chip has been turned on. Athletes not turning on their timing chip will be charged the amount required to be replaced
  • No pacers are allowed for athletes competing for any records races, except for the visually impaired athletes
  • Athletes not competing for records may have no more than 1 pacer at the time with them on the course
  • No pacers allowed for any athlete seeking USATF record ratification (see USATF rules on pacers)
  • Athletes with pacers (in races where allowed) should leave enough space to be passed on the inside lane
  • Athletes will be allowed to use headphones, cell phones, I-Pods and the like
  • At night time athletes will be required to keep the level of noise to a minimum
  • Athletes must wear head-lamps or electric torches during the night
  • Anti-Doping Tests might be randomly administrated during the race to insure a clean athletic event. A participant who refuses to submit to a doping control or who has tested positive will be automatically disqualified and must return any eventual awards
  • All finishers will receive a “finisher medal,” and diploma specific for the race they competed in. All finishers completing all 6 marathons will receive a special award and diploma. To receive the finisher medal, the athlete MUST be present at the end of the race. No Exceptions!
  • The diploma will be in electronic format (JPEG) and will be sent through email to each athlete after the results are posted (it could take up to 4 weeks for results to be ratified and diplomas completed)
  • In case of cancellation of the 2017 Icarus Marathon Challenge, due to situations of Force Majeure or any reasons attributable to extreme weather or any other reason upon which the International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation, Inc., has no control whatsoever, the participant agrees that he/she is not entitled to any participation fee return or remuneration for any traveling or hotel expenses incurred
  • Athletes might only wear ATHLETIC clothing with their national flags, athletic logos of their sponsors, or neutral athletic clothing. No offensive clothing, slogans are allowed. The Race Director reserves the right to ask athletes to change clothing or leave the competition if the Race Director deems such clothing /slogans offensive
  • The Icarus Marathon Challenge follows the ideals of the Olympic Spirit. All athletes MUST maintain at all times impeccable behavior, and sportsmanship. On the course there will be ultrarunners competing in races of 144H, 72H, 48H, 24H, and 12H. They might be very tired, disoriented, emotional at times, please be mindful of their races and challenges.
  • It is prohibited to solicit, advertise, or conduct commercial business on or from park property unless authorized in writing by the park and city
  • A Fort Lauderdale fire station is located across the street from the park entrance and will be able to provide some basic medical support. For ANY and ALL emergencies, contact race officials and call 911
  • All plants and animals in the park are protected
  • Food and drinks will be provided at the race aid station. The race will not provide/cater to athletes following special diets. As the Icarus Marathon Challenge is part of the larger Icarus Florida UltraFest, the menu will be posted on this website 2 weeks prior to the start of the race. The meals for each day will be announced on a white board during that day as well as the serving time (1 hour for each meal). When the meal is served a flag will be raised at the aid station to announce the runners. When the flag is removed there will be NO meals served until the next serving time. This will allow the volunteers to clean and prepare for the next serving as well as rest. The AID STATION is NOT a place to ask for special meals, to store food, personal items, or to hang around and talk. The Aid Station will be kept clear of athletes personal items at ALL TIMES!
  • No person shall make excessive noise, unnecessary noise as to create a nuisance
  • Domesticated animals are welcome in designated areas (however only at the park entrance - as per park rules). For your safety and consideration of others, please keep all pets on a leash at all times at a distance not greater than six (6) feet from their handler, pick up their droppings, and provide for their comfort with shade and water. Handlers are required to clean up and properly dispose of any waste produced by their animals
  • Race Directors reserve the right to deny entry to any athlete who had previously failed anti-doping tests, or was disqualified from any other races for cheating even if was originally admitted into the race
  • In addition to the race rules the athletes and their crews are obligated to follow all the rules and regulations of the park, city, county and the laws of the USA
  • The Race Director(s) reserve the right to amend the race rules at any time prior to the start of the competition
  • Participation at Icarus is granted on an individual basis without possibly of transfer to other athletes or for future editions.


The Race Directors and all volunteers are not being paid. They volunteer their own time to make possible this race. Please be respectful at ALL TIMES with them.

The Race Directors and volunteers are NOT a personal crew. Please DO NOT ask them for favors, special foods, or to run errands for you. 

Keep in mind, the Icarus Marathon Challenge and Icarus Florida UltraFest race is an ultrarunning event designed to help athletes push their own limits, to overcome adversity! It is NOT an event which "pampers" athletes. It is an event where athletes are expected to race without entitlement, under the core believes of the Olympic Spirit! Any athlete violating any of the rules or the Olympic creed will be asked to leave the course immediately and will be banned from future editions.

If you have any questions, please fell free to send us an email and we'll do our best to ensure that all of your questions are answered, and, most importantly, that you have the best experience possible (and maybe even a PR!)

We look forward to seeing your at Icarus 2017

2017 Marathon Race Application

To submit an application for the 2017 Icarus Marathon Challenge please follow the directions below.

Send an email to [email protected]

Title: 2017 Icarus Marathon Challenge Application - (your full name)

Please attach your racing CV/Resume starting with your most current races on top

Please respond with approximately 1 paragraph for each of the following questions:

  1. How many total races you completed vs. how many total races you DNF in your career?
  2. What draws you to running?
  3. What are you expecting from the race directors and volunteers?
  4. If the race does not go the way you planned, what do you do, and who do you blame?
  5. How have you overcame adversity in the past?
  6. What races do you wish to register for? (i.e. Icarus Marathon I, II, etc)
  7. Acknowledge that you read and understood the rules and in case you will receive an invitation you will compete under the values of the Olympic Spirit.

After you submit an application following the directions above you will receive an email back with details on how to sign up/pay or a denial. You will have 30 calendar days to complete the registration. Being held on a small loop, the number of athletes is limited to 20 per each day and priority will be given to athletes who apply first and for all the 6 days. The race directors reserve the right to hold several spots for special situations.


1 Marathon Race - $100

2 Marathon Races - $200

3 Marathon Races - $275

4 Marathon Races - $350

5 Marathon Races - $425

6 Marathon Races - $500

Parking is free for the Icarus Marathon I through V (free parking during week days). Parking for Icarus Marathon VI will cost $5 and can be purchased at the entrance in the park at the parking meters. 

2017 Icarus Marathon I

Monday - November 13th

Start Time 10:00 am

End Time 8:00 pm 

2017 Icarus Marathon II

Tuesday - November 14th

Start Time 10:00 am

End Time 8:00 pm

2017 Icarus Marathon III

Wednesday - November 15th

Start Time 10:00 am

End Time 8:00 pm

2017 Icarus Marathon III

Wednesday - November 15th

Start Time 10:00 am

End Time 8:00 pm

2017 Icarus Marathon V

Friday - November 17th

Start Time 10:00 am

End Time 8:00 pm

2017 Icarus Marathon VI

Saturday - November 18th

Start Time 10:00 am

End Time 8:00 pm

The Icarus Marathon Challenge is organized by the International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3) Florida Corporation

The Icarus Marathon Challenge is part of the Icarus Florida UltraFest

Symbolizing high flying ambition, the myth of Icarus warns us against complacency and hubris, and similarly, ultrarunning symbolizes the human drive for empowerment and warns us against heeding our own limitations, self doubt, and fears.

To those in the sport, ultrarunning is not only a way to be better, but also to know thyself, and know what better means. To those on the outside of the sport, ultrarunning is the myth that truly heroic things are not achieved by mere mortals, but only by heroes. 

Icarus Florida UltraFest was organized with the idea that truly heroic things can be achieved by all of us -- if we are willing to put in the time, energy and effort demanded by the task. 

During the 2014, 2015, and 2016 editions, athletes represented 23 countries and succeeded to break 9 new records as well as to qualify for the 24H national teams.

2014 Records:

Brad Compton - New American Age Group 144H Record

Jovica Spajic - New Serbian 144H Record

2015 Records:

Colby Wentlandt - New American Age Group 48H Record

Colby Wentlandt - New American Age Group 144H Record

Kimberley Van Delst - New Canadian Female Age Group 72H Record

Kimberley Van Delst - New Canadian Female Age Group 144H Record

Ed Ettinghousen - New American Age Group 144H Record

2016 Records:

Tina Andersen - New Danish Female 144H Record

Tina Andersen - New Scandinavian Female 144H Record

Location: Snyder Park

Snyder Park Address - 3299 SW 4th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33315, USA

Monday - November 13th

Tuesday - November 14th

Wednesday - November 15th

Thursday - November 16th

Friday - November 17th

Saturday - November 18th