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"In 15 years of ultra-running & racing I wonder if I have experiensed as dedicated and positive helpers and officials at a race, no matter where in the world" - Jesper Kenn Olsen

"Thank you for all you did to help us reach our goals. All of your help and suggestions were invaluable to me as I worked through the various struggles." - Brad Compton

"I wanted to thank you again for everything you have done to support Jovica" - Milan Varadinovic, Head of the Consular Section, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

"Thank you to all involved for hosting an awesome week/weekend and putting on a fabulous inaugural race." - Tim Schaum

"What a super weekend at Icarus Florida Ultrafest! It was incredibly inspiring to witness the 6day athletes persist and wrack up triple digit mileage, and to see Aly Venti and Lara Zoeller consistently glide past for 24 hours, ranking up mileage in the 140 and 120 zone, respectively. These may have been my hardest earned miles yet, but sharing the journey with Jodi Samuels was the highlight. Endless ultra convo is the best! Huge thanks to Andrei Nana and Claire Nana for making this event possible! So great to share the journey with so many amazing folks - congrats to all!" - Jodi Weiss

"I would like to thank you once again for a wonderful organization of the race, I am really delighted. On the race I met amazing people and learned so much about everything.

Everything was amazing, just like in some nice and happy dream, thank you for all. Best regards from Belgrade." - Jovica Spajic

"I had no idea what to expect, I only decided to run it (the 3 hour) the day before, I had run 15 on Saturday, I broke my Garmin the week before, and it was pouring rain at my house Monday morning, but I had a truly magical experience. From arriving right at the very moment the gun went off - to running into my old friend Chip - to meeting true world-class athletes - to never feeling tired or bored of a 1k course - everything about the event was pure magic. It is impossible to describe - I am so thankful you put it all together and I am so pleased I came by - I ran it (3 hours) again on Thursday." - Brendan Aloysius Barry

"I wanted to extend my most sincere thank you to you, Claire, and the volunteers for all the hard work and dedication at the Icrarus race to make it the most enjoyable, best possible race for us. I appreciate the extra effort to help me with the issues I was having, I am very thankful for that. Although the performance was not up to my usual capabilities, you all really helped make it possible last week to continue for the duration in the best way I could.

You did a fabulous job with the first addition and I hope to be able to try it again.

I heard that you and Claire may be adding a race in the new year! That sounds wonderful and I am sure it will be a success.

Warm regards from Canada." -

Charlotte Vasarhelyi

"I came to the Icarus Florida Ultrafest race from Canada to crew a friend, and left with a whole new family. I was introduced to multi-day (non-stage) racing here, and was blown away by not only the grandeur of the event, the athletes themselves, but also the other crews and volunteers. I had such a great time volunteering, whether it be making oatmeal and coffee at 3:30 AM (the busy hour), doing dishes (for real!), eating Alexander's pancakes at midnight (perk!), and watching the joy on the runners' faces when Claire busted out the blender to make smoothies (and use up the bananas!) in the heat of the day and also for Carey's soups in the evening. In what other race do runners drop by after they are finished with pizzas for everyone (this happened 3 times over the 6 days!), because they had such a good time?! Don't get me wrong, we worked HARD, but we also had so many laughs that I am strongly considering flying out for the January events, either to volunteer again or participate. And Dusty, I'm still laughing out loud over your conversations with Michele by the tent!! Thanks Claire and Andrei for letting me part of your event!" - Una Beaudry

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